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A Prusa Interation2 Will be built on 7th April March 28, 2012

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It will be built at San Sebastian. Everyone is wellcome, max 9 people. Bring your own food/drink (there is a fridge, a microwave and an oven) . There are tools to build other repraps if you’ve pieces or want to adjust yours.

The parts are the best I could find/make:

It will use Prusa iteration2 parts, Arcol V4 hot end, MKII heat bed, LM8UU bearings, ALU couplers and T2.5 pulleys, Arduino Mega and RAMPS 1.3 with Marlin. The STL2Gcode generator will be Slic3r. Extruder is a modified wade with a homemade hobbed bolt. It will print 3mm Indian natural color ABS from Leo Dearden.

The threaded rods are zinc-iron (stainless steel is expensive and useless for this purpose) and The smooth bars are recycled from Canon printers and Epson scanners.

All parts are already here.



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